Abbie and Chris | a church wedding in Rowley

Abbie and Chris There are so many things I love about being a wedding photographer, but easily one of the top three is seeing and documenting a young family coming together in marriage. Abbie and Chris's wedding was also a bit unusual in that the ceremony was held in the little church next to Rowley Manor.  I have photographed many weddings at the manor itself but never at the church. In fact, in all [...]

Vicky and Ford | an outdoor Peak District wedding in the rain

There were many great things about Vicky and Ford’s Peak District wedding - one of my favourites was that many of the guests had come from overseas. Vicky and Ford had spent a long time travelling the world and it speaks volumes about the couple that so many people travelled so far to see them get hitched. The atmosphere throughout that day was ace - everyone came together to celebrate their love, exactly how a wedding should be [...]

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