Peak District Wedding Photography – Vicky and Ford

There were many great things about Vicky and Ford’s Peak District wedding – one of my favourites was that many of the guests had come from overseas. Vicky and Ford had spent a long time travelling the world and it speaks volumes about the couple that so many people travelled so far to see them get hitched. The atmosphere throughout that day was ace – everyone came together to celebrate their love, exactly how a wedding should be.

Vicky and Ford chose to tie the knot on a field on Common Barn Farm, which in the Peak District, near Rainow, just north east of Macclesfield. I scouted the venue (as every good wedding photographer should) a couple of weeks before and Vicky and Ford gave me a walkthrough. The setting was epic, the backdrops majestic, and the wooded glade (with its hay bales and wishing well) where the ceremony was taking place was stunning.

However, when it came to the day, it rained – that special kind of persistent rain that you only really get in the Peaks and the Lakes. Oh, and there was thick fog, which pretty much hid the majestic backdrops all day. But it was okay – it didn’t matter. Focusing as I do on capturing as many natural moments as possible keeps the wedding photography all about the people – not the backdrops, not the posed set-pieces – the people. And there were so many smiles and laughs to capture. The rain absolutely failed to dampen anyone’s spirits.

The rain eventually cleared just in time for the first dance. In a complete surprise to all the guests, Vicky and Ford were led up the field by Mr Wilson’s Second Liners – a New Orleans style marching band playing hits from the Hacienda and 90s club culture. After the first dance in the tipi, the band led all the guests out and around the field just as the sun started to shine.

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