Charlotte and AJ | a rustic Yorkshire wedding at Whitley Hall

“These pictures are stunning Dan. Thank you so so much. You were amazing.” – Charlotte and AJ’s reaction to their wedding picture previews sent the day after their wedding.

Charlotte and AJ got married in rustic style at the beautiful Whitley Hall, which is an old mansion in South Yorkshire. It was such a fun wedding and even the weather played ball!

Charlotte got ready at Whitley Hall with the two mums and her five bridesmaids, and the atmosphere was full of excitement. AJ got ready with his four best-men (yes, four!!!) and travelled to Whitely Hall in his dad’s Cadillac, which was ace.

The ceremony was an intimate service in a beautiful room at the venue. The ceremony at Whitley Hall was so personal and so much fun. Literally everywhere I pointed my camera, someone was laughing or crying (in the best way).

The reception was in the same room at the venue. Charlotte and AJ chose Whitley Hall because it has so many options and they could totally personalise it. Charlotte made a lot of the room and table decorations and they were unbelievably good. I love shooting weddings that have a big dash of personal touches. It was a rustic Yorkshire wedding, which is totally my thing. I love shooting rustic weddings because the colours are always deep and rich and just amazing to photograph.

For dinner they had proper wedding grub, which was loved by all the guests. The first dance was lovely and they were soon joined by friends and much goofy dancing followed until the wee small hours.

For me, the best part of the day was the speeches, because they were genuine, moving, and also hilarious.

Charlotte wore a stunning dress and veil from Wed2Be and AJ wore a fine tweed with bow tie and they looked so perfect together.

Charlotte and AJ’s wedding was utterly lovely such a laugh and everything I love about weddings. Here’s their awesome wedding!

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